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This section of the website provides information of interest to both patients and healthcare professionals. Topics will include articles about breast cancer, endocrine surgery, general healthcare and practice-related news.

I am proud to announce that I have joined forces with two other very talented and like-minded surgeons: Dr Emma Clarkson and Dr Heidi Peverill. 

CrazySocks4Docs Day raises awareness of the mental health of doctors and health practitioners, in effort to reduce the stigma for those experiencing mental illness. Australian studies show that doctors report substantially higher rates of psychological distress and suicidal thoughts compared to both the general population and other professionals.

While non-urgent elective surgery had been on hold, urgent category 1 and 2 cases have continued during the COVID-19 shut down. Last week the Queensland government approved a staged return of certain procedures including breast reconstruction surgery.

About 2700 people are diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Australia each year. The incidence of thyroid cancer has been steadily increasing with diagnosis of papillary thyroid cancers having tripled over the last three decades. In fact, thyroid cancer is currently on track to be the 4th most common cancer by 2030.

The parathyroid glands are located in the neck behind the thyroid gland. They are responsible for the tight control of the calcium levels in your blood. Calcium is important for the normal functioning of the brain, heart, muscles and nerves, as well as the strength of your bones. Untreated hyperparathyroidism can cause serious long-term health problems.

Like women, men can also have abnormal BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. The lifetime risk of men developing breast cancer is about 1 in 1000.

Finally!!! It took a long time to get up-and-running, but thanks to Online Medical  for their patience and some gentle coaxing - we got there in the end.

Dr Lancashire joined over 12,000 other Brisbane supporters in the RACQ, Mater Chick’s In Pink International Women’s Day Fun Run, running the 10km circuit on Sunday the 4th of March, 2017. The event raised over $500,000 for breast cancer support services and breast cancer research.

Breast implant-associated ALCL is a rare type cancer (lymphoma) that develops near breast implants. There have only been 46 reported cases in Australia – with the risk being in the order of 1-in-1000 to 1-in-10000.  It usually occurs 3 – 15 years after the insertion of an implant. Dr Lancashire can discuss any concerns you might have about it.