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Pre-operative information

Having surgery can be unsettling, even for those who have been through it before. Dr Lancashire may arrange for you to be seen to the Mater Private Hospital (Brisbane) Preadmission Clinic before your operation.

The Preadmission Clinic is a free service provided by the Mater Private Hospital for patients who will be staying at the Mater Private Hospital.

At your appointment with Dr Lancashire, it is likely that you will have been given a Mater Private Hospital Brisbane Preadmission Guide. The Preadmission Clinic is designed to streamline your stay at the Mater from admission to discharge. Highly trained and experienced nursing staff will review your health and medication history, and give you the chance to discuss any concerns or questions regarding your upcoming admission.

Dr Lancashire will give you the request forms for any scans or blood tests you may require before surgery.  You can take those forms with you to the Preadmission Clinic on the same day you see Dr Lancashire, for your convenience.

The Preadmission Clinic is located on the sixth floor of Mater Private Hospital Brisbane. It is adjacent to the Endoscopy clinic. The provide a phone service for Dr Lancashire’s patients that have to travel from remote areas.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am–6pm.  You can contact the Preadmission Clinic on: (07) 3163 3740

You can find out more about the Mater Private Hospital Preadmission Clinic here.

What do I need to take to hospital?

Dr Lancashire suggests that you remember to bring the following:

  • All of your medications including a list of the regular medications you take
  • All of your x-rays and scans
  • Any letters from your specialist or GP
  • Your hospital preadmission pack

If you are staying in hospital overnight or longer, we would recommend that you also take:


  • Clothes for when you leave hospital
  • Underwear
  • Pyjamas


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Any other things you use regularly at home (e.g. contact lens fluid, denture cleaner)


  • Mobile phone and charging cable
  • Laptop / iPad / music device
  • Books / magazines

Breast Surgery Patients

  • Please bring any post-operative pillows or bras that you have been given prior to surgery
  • A Breast Care Nurse will visit you if you are staying in hospital overnight

Pre-hospital Checklist

  • Complete all your preadmission forms
  • Visit the preadmission clinic if Dr Lancashire has indicated he would like you to go there
  • Have all preoperative scans and blood tests that have been requested by Dr Lancashire
  • Check your admission paperwork for admission times and fasting information
  • Remember to pack and bring all of the above with you to hospital.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr Lancashire’s rooms if you have any questions about your admission or need further clarification about your surgery or the admission procedure.    

Phone: (07) 3054 0694